Friday, February 8, 2013

My fave makeup

Most of the time I'll find my favorite makeup at Sephora in down town San Luis Obispo. I sell a painting and head straight over there! I usually go once a year and I can make my stuff last! I wanted to share a few of my favorite makeups that I use on a pretty regular basis. I'm a cheap date but when it comes to makeup I feel it is important to splurge a little on the basics to ensure you are using a better quality product on your face.

Clinique blended face powder and brush comes to save my oily face and evens me out in a lovely transparent way. I love how fine and easy to apply it is. No gross orange cheeks with this stuff. Very ladylike.

Clinique face powder, $22.00

Sephora liquid black eyeliner has a deep richness and high pigmentation. I love wearing a dash on my upper lids for a little sassy cat eye business a few times a week. It depends on my mood. :D I seriously make one of these tubes last 1 year or more by adding a little bit of water inside when it seems like it has "run out" which really is just it drying. There is so much pigment in this eyeliner that I can put a few drops of water in this thing for months and never run out of eyeliner. It doesn't become grey or watery!! I love it.

Sephora long lasting liner $11.00

This wonderful concealer from Clinique is so perfect at hiding my imperfections that I only need a tiny dab under my eyes, and in my T zone(forehead, nose, chin) I run out of makeup easily because I like to wear it often, but again, this little thing lasts me around a year. I know that makeup can harbor bacteria so I always make sure my face is clean and I disinfect the wand once in a while with a little alcohol. I haven't had any major breakout issues or acne so for me this is a great concealer.

Clinique line smoothing concealer $16.50

Perfectly real is a good name for this Clinique liquid makeup. I can make one last around 7 months or more depending on my use. Sometimes, I can go a little overboard and use it more than I really should or need to. I can't help myself, I love and am probably addicted to makeup. Hey, at least I'll admit it. har har. I find this liquid makeup works so well and is so great at blending that you can hardly tell any is on.  I like using the concealer, this stuff, and the fine powder over to freshen my face when I feel sleep deprived, stressed out , or battling allergies and a red itchy nose!

Clinique perfectly real makeup $25.00

Urban Decay Ammo eye pallet is an old goodie. It can be a little harder to find because it has been out a longer time. I love the smog for a little shadowing on the upper eyelid and the "sin" shade is beautiful on for a little highlight under the brow. I only use the bright colors in tiny amounts and never past mid eyelid, otherwise it can look like a little too much makeup. Lasts forever!

Urban Decay ammo eye palette $38.00

I'm not afraid to use this Revlon really red lipstick. I love how these are smooth and have a little stain action to them so that after your lips dry it stays on pretty well! I can go a whole date night! It is one that I find usually at a Rite Aid. It has the perfect shade of red.

Revlon lipstick really red $6.00

For some reason I find myself drawn to the Lancome mascara. I can use a tiny amount and have darker and longer lashes without looking clumpy or artificial. Its the one thing I need to put on if I'm having a no makeup day. Haha.  Don't let the price fool you, it pays for itself, it lasts forever and works great.

Lancome length volume mascara $27.00


  1. I do not wear as much makeup as I used to, but all of these are so pretty! Enjoy!

  2. I love that Sephora liner!
    Jillian - PS if you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out the giveaway for a $50.00 from Shabby Apple!