Thursday, October 17, 2013

Big changes, news, life and fluff

Oh yes, hello there poor neglected bloggity blog. I've been away living my life and actually have some pretty big announcements!!

We have moss all around us! We moved this summer from California to the capitol of Oregon, in Salem. We love it here so much.

If you also haven't noticed by the picture I posted....
There is something strange about my tummy...
It is...

No, not really. Sometimes I wish that was possible.
I'm totally pregnant!
Yeah, that is how long it has been since I've been on here!
26 weeks along and due in January for my VBAC attempt. I've been reading and preparing myself for this and I can't wait to meet our...


I am so excited for Bella to have a little sister. I think her name will be Blythe. Melora as a middle name. Blythe means care free and happy, Melora means golden apple and it is after my favorite female musician, Melora Creager of Rasputina, a Cello band.

Ahhh so much for not blogging. I've finally spilled the beans I guess, huh?
Well a lot has happened but hopefully I'll be posting in here a little more!

Oregon is GORGEOUS
I'll share a few photos

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tantrum two year old

Whew! What a long day.
 I think it started pretty well though, in a positive mood nothing could be bad. It was one of those play-date mornings, where a bunch of us mommies and babies get together at one of their houses and we let the kids play. I started it by juicing at a mommy friend's house, and getting ready for the play-date. Bella was a bit sensitive with her friend, instantly getting huffy and a furrowed look on her brow. She even wanted to be picked up. That might have given me a hint to her mood. I thought she was happy and doing fine. She even played pretty well most of the time at the play-date. She got on a little trampoline with her good friend Chloe, and they jumped and then wanted off. It was the boy's turn next, and after the girls saw them on it they wanted back on, but two at a time is a safer bet than four, so I told her "no." I wanted to talk to her about why it was their turn but she just blew up like a little ticking time bomb. She started screaming and crying! I had to carry her to another part of the room, her kicking and screaming the entire time. I tried to sit her down and talk to her about her attitude and get her to listen but she got stuck in one of those insanity moments where nothing matters to her but screaming and throwing a HUGE fit. I took her out front eventually and she got even worse. She smacks herself, slammed her head into the door, and does disturbing things that worry me. Its probably totally normal for a toddler. I just hate seeing my little girl behaving destructively and thinking that I'm the bad guy for needing her to chill out. Her adrenaline was pumping like crazy, I could sense she was not going to end this. My hearing was getting worse and my patience for this horrendous display of her sweet little charming self. I can't believe how embarrassing it was, I think I was having an out of body experience trying to escape this betrayal. She seriously is doing this in front of everyone? Do I spank her? NO. Do I scream at her ?? no.. I don't know what I have done to deserve this sort of behavior coming at me so....energetically!! She literally blew a gasket today. And don't get me started thinking about when I tried to get her into her car seat. It was disturbing, her flailing, screaming, crying, I'm surprised the cops weren't called! Shit! I had a lovely day. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

My fave makeup

Most of the time I'll find my favorite makeup at Sephora in down town San Luis Obispo. I sell a painting and head straight over there! I usually go once a year and I can make my stuff last! I wanted to share a few of my favorite makeups that I use on a pretty regular basis. I'm a cheap date but when it comes to makeup I feel it is important to splurge a little on the basics to ensure you are using a better quality product on your face.

Clinique blended face powder and brush comes to save my oily face and evens me out in a lovely transparent way. I love how fine and easy to apply it is. No gross orange cheeks with this stuff. Very ladylike.

Clinique face powder, $22.00

Sephora liquid black eyeliner has a deep richness and high pigmentation. I love wearing a dash on my upper lids for a little sassy cat eye business a few times a week. It depends on my mood. :D I seriously make one of these tubes last 1 year or more by adding a little bit of water inside when it seems like it has "run out" which really is just it drying. There is so much pigment in this eyeliner that I can put a few drops of water in this thing for months and never run out of eyeliner. It doesn't become grey or watery!! I love it.

Sephora long lasting liner $11.00

This wonderful concealer from Clinique is so perfect at hiding my imperfections that I only need a tiny dab under my eyes, and in my T zone(forehead, nose, chin) I run out of makeup easily because I like to wear it often, but again, this little thing lasts me around a year. I know that makeup can harbor bacteria so I always make sure my face is clean and I disinfect the wand once in a while with a little alcohol. I haven't had any major breakout issues or acne so for me this is a great concealer.

Clinique line smoothing concealer $16.50

Perfectly real is a good name for this Clinique liquid makeup. I can make one last around 7 months or more depending on my use. Sometimes, I can go a little overboard and use it more than I really should or need to. I can't help myself, I love and am probably addicted to makeup. Hey, at least I'll admit it. har har. I find this liquid makeup works so well and is so great at blending that you can hardly tell any is on.  I like using the concealer, this stuff, and the fine powder over to freshen my face when I feel sleep deprived, stressed out , or battling allergies and a red itchy nose!

Clinique perfectly real makeup $25.00

Urban Decay Ammo eye pallet is an old goodie. It can be a little harder to find because it has been out a longer time. I love the smog for a little shadowing on the upper eyelid and the "sin" shade is beautiful on for a little highlight under the brow. I only use the bright colors in tiny amounts and never past mid eyelid, otherwise it can look like a little too much makeup. Lasts forever!

Urban Decay ammo eye palette $38.00

I'm not afraid to use this Revlon really red lipstick. I love how these are smooth and have a little stain action to them so that after your lips dry it stays on pretty well! I can go a whole date night! It is one that I find usually at a Rite Aid. It has the perfect shade of red.

Revlon lipstick really red $6.00

For some reason I find myself drawn to the Lancome mascara. I can use a tiny amount and have darker and longer lashes without looking clumpy or artificial. Its the one thing I need to put on if I'm having a no makeup day. Haha.  Don't let the price fool you, it pays for itself, it lasts forever and works great.

Lancome length volume mascara $27.00


Ooh yes,
You are a prize!

smithsonian mag flapper makeup
I just had to share some beauty this morning.